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Many large companies have firmly established principles regarding when legal help should be engaged to assist with a transaction or contract. Most of these large companies have budgeted for the cost of legal help, and it is part of the normal day-to-day business for the company. However, many small and medium size enterprises often do not have the luxury of budget line items for legal help, and therefore may agonize over when it is appropriate to spend the resources on legal help.
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Business Valuations
After you have owned and operated a small business for a period of time - whether you started it from scratch or purchased it no doubt you will be wondering how much the business is worth. If you owned stock in a publicly traded company, it would be possible to check the valuation on a daily basis to determine the worth of your investment. With a privately owned company, however, that "public valuation" option is not available. There are a number of other techniques you can utilize to try to place a value on your company.
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