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Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law

We provide a full range of business law services to address the needs of our clients in all aspects of their business, including operations, facilities, equipment, accounting and financial matters, human resources, sales and marketing, risk management, contracts, and organizational record keeping and governmental compliance. Specific service areas include the following:

Organizational assistance:
Incorporation/formation documents
Stockholder/partnership/member agreements
Minutes & business governance documents
Operating agreements
Partnership agreements
Joint venture agreements
Co-development agreements
Co-location agreements
Joint commercialization agreements
Business plan review
Capital structure review
Ownership changes
Buy/Sell agreements
Real estate purchase agreements and/or leases

Re-organization advice and assistance:
Amendments to organizational documents
Conversion from one business form to another
Reorganization agreements
Asset Purchase agreements
Stock Purchase agreements

Financing advice and assistance:
Hiring accounting and tax professionals
Hiring management consultants and financial advisors
Establishing commercial banking relations
Government financing program assistance
Non-profit sector fundraising program assistance
Angel financing
Term loan agreements
Secured transactions
Equity transactions
Private offerings
Structuring and term sheets
Due diligence and securities law compliance
Prospectus drafting, preparation and distribution
Subscription agreements and qualified investor questionnaires
Governmental exemption filings (SEC and Blue Sky)
Investor rights agreements
Venture capital firm proposals
Strategic investor proposals

Franchise agreements
Franchise offering circulars
State and local regulatory review

Key contracts:
Vendor/Supplier agreements
Customer agreements
Distribution agreements
Professional service agreements
Executive compensation
Marketing/Agency agreements

Intellectual property guidance:
Trade names, trademarks, service marks
Trade secrets, confidentiality and non-competition
Non-disclosure agreements
Copyright applications and related matters
Computer contracts (hardware and software development)
Web site development and hosting agreements
Content licensing agreements
Technology transfer or acquisition agreements

Exit strategies:
Sale of business
Family/Generation transfer
Estate and retirement planning
Sale of stock
Sale of assets

Charitable organizations:
Creation and regulatory filings
Exemption applications
Advice to boards of directors/trustees